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Original Research Article
Emotion sensitivity and negative affect in borderline personality disorder: role of emotion regulation
Zai-Ting Yeh, Yi-Han Tseng, Shen-Ing Liu
DOI 10.53106/181020932024032201001

Improving medical safety and user satisfaction through innovative medical care equipment needle removers and electronic information interchange
Yu-Hsun Cheng, Sheng-Hui Hung, Tung-Wen Ko, Pa-Chun Wang
DOI 10.53106/181020932024032201002

Case Report

Resolution of arachnoid cyst after development of chronic subdural hematoma and burr hole surgery - a case report
Hsing-Hao Ho, Ming-Dar Tsai
DOI 10.53106/181020932024032201003

Cerebrospinal fluid in the epidural space accidental finding in spontaneous intracranial hypotension headache cured by epidural blood patch - case report
Hao-Tsen Hung, Jui-Yuan Chen, Wen-Wei Liao
DOI 10.53106/181020932024032201004

Brife Report

Hospital pastoral care service: promo-tion of “High Touch”
Mariola Zofia Stawas
DOI 10.53106/181020932024032201005