Article Withdrawal

Withdrawing manuscripts wastes the valuable resources and tremendous amount of effort utilized in processing manuscripts by the editors, reviewers, and the editorial staff. FJJM adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in academic publishing. We expect that the authors will also show the highest level of integrity in their work and adhere to high ethical standards.

If the author wants to withdraw a manuscript, the author needs to submit a completed "Article Withdrawal Form," signed by all authors of the manuscript, that states the reasons for the withdrawal of the manuscript.

Manuscript withdrawal will be permitted after submission only for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons. To discourage unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts, FJJM reserves the right not to consider further submission from the same author or author group.

The manuscript will not be withdrawn from processing until a completed signed form is received by the editorial office. Authors must not assume that their manuscript has been withdrawn until they have received appropriate notification to this effect from the editorial office.

If, at any stage of the process, authors do not reply to communication from the editorial office, FJJM reserves all rights to disclose the conduct of the authors and content of the manuscript without further approval from the authors. FJJM cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from any such disclosure.

Download Article Withdrawal Form