About FJJM

《 輔仁醫學期刊 》

  輔仁醫學期刊(簡稱 FJJM )是同行評審期刊,旨在提升輔仁大學醫學院與國內外相關單位研究人員的研究素質。期刊刊載多種醫學領域包括基礎和臨床科學的原創性研究文章,病例報告,簡報,評論文章和致編輯函。



《Fu-Jen Journal of Medicine》

  The Fu-Jen Journal of Medicine (FJJM) is a peer-reviewed journal which aims to enhance research quality of staffs in the College of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University. The journal publishes scientific investigations across a wide range of medical disciplines including original research articles in basic and clinical sciences, case reports, brief reports, review articles, and letter to the editor.
  FJJM is an academic journal recognized by the Joint Commission of Taiwan(JCT). It is currently edited and issued by the Center of Medical Education in the College of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University. To promote journal quality, all manuscripts submitted to FJJM have to be prepared in English to meet the international standards, and Chinese abstract is suggested except for foreign authors.
  Articles will be published free of charge, and the accepted manuscript can be download free of charge. FJJM welcomes contributions from domestic and foreign researchers.

發行機構Institution:輔仁大學醫學院 College of Medicine, Fu Jen Catholic University
名譽發行人Honorable publisher:江漢聲Han-Sun Chiang
發行人Publisher:葉炳強Ping-Keung Yip
主編Editor-in-chief: 傅中珮Jhong-Pei Fu
副主編Associate Editors:

葉建宏Jian-Hong Yeh

林瑜雯Yu-Wen Lin

廖俊厚Jun-Hou Liao

簡志誠Chih-Cheng Chien

王宗倫Zong-Lun Wang 王啟仲Ci-Jhong Wang 王裕仁Yu-Ren Wang 王誠一Cheng-Yi Wang
江心瑜Sin-Yu Jiang 林士森Shih-Sen Lin 林世昌Shih-Chang Lin 林秋梅Ciou-Mei Lin
徐育愷Yu-Kai Syu 張正坤Jheng-Kun Jhang 連恒煇Heng-Huei Lian 陳志明Jhih-Ming Chen
陳凱倫Kai-Lun Chen 陸嘉真Jia-Jhen Lu 辜韋智Wei-Jhih Gu 葉在庭Zai-Ting Ye
穆淑琪Shu-Ci Mu 羅婉心Yuan-Hsin Lo