Submitting a Revised Manuscript

You must submit online in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).If you are submitting a revised manuscript, include the following items with your revision:


  • Cover letter.
  • Response to Reviewers: Address the specific points made by each reviewer, include your responses to all of the reviewers’ and editors’ comments point-by-point and list the changes you have made to the manuscript. Upload this as a “Response to Reviewers” file.
  • The revised manuscript (marked-up copy): Include a marked-up copy of your manuscript file showing the changes you have made since the original submission in Red. The best way to show these changes is the “Track Changes” option in Microsoft Word. Upload this as a "Revised Article with Changes Highlighted” file.
  • The revised manuscript (clean copy): Upload a clean copy of your revised manuscript that does not show your changes. Upload this as your “Manuscript” file.


  • Your manuscript will not be accepted after 3 rounds of revision.
  • If you take longer than 21 days to revise your manuscript and fail to provide any reason for doing so , we will return your manuscript.